I live in England where I compose and record my own albums and soundtracks for TV, films and Multimedia. My music can also be found in Production Music Libraries. This page is about Me and my Family. (warning: this page can lead you off into literally hundreds of links which are best navigated from the 'Family Archives' main site.)

These pages are quite often updated. Being a bit of a 3D Modelling enthusiast I have included a page of my Computer Art. These images are mostly of landscapes, sometimes with a Close Encounter* element. They are done with KPT Bryce software.

Talking of the mysterious, check out the video clip of a Crop Circle being formed by UFO's. It is very convincing visually although some say it is a hoax. My computer analysis of the footage can be accessed from the 'Crop Circle UFOs' page.

You may also like to check out an unusual page about the Royal Flying Corps with original photos of WW1 aviators and their planes and an interview with a veteran flyer.

I have started a simple Gallery of Photos which I have taken over the years.

Check out the 'Whats New?' page. You'll find some links to additional stuff there which you may not find elsewhere.

Finally it may amuse you to see my wedding in Hello * magazine !?

* = page has sound f/x

Visitors please email me here. Let me know what you think of this site. I would love to know who you lot are other than just numbers on a counter!


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