Roy Shillinglaw - The 'last man out of Germany' dropped this bomb.



Date. -21/22th October,1918.

Objective.- Kaiserlautern and Mezieres Railway station.

Planes.-3 Handley Page 0400's

One machine was piloted by Lieut. Middleton with observers 2nd-Lieuts. Shillinglaw and O'Sullivan.

Although this bomb left several families homeless, Roy Shillinglaw had a conscience. He told me of one time that he was ordered to bomb a civilian area as retaliation for the German bombing of London. Horrified at the obvious consequences of this order he dropped his bombs on a different target. None of the crew breathed a word of this. To do so would have had dire consequences for them all. Clearly they all felt that to follow orders on this occasion would have been morally beyond the pale.

Shillinglaw later told me that he had dropped this 1600 LB bomb and also another in particular which was, he maintained, the last bomb to be dropped in World War One over Germany.

By the time he had returned from that final mission the War was over and they were all celebrating back at Xaffévillers. Of course in those days they had no radio contact with the aerodrome so, at first, the young Shillinglaw was mystified as to what all the celebrations were about.


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