I have drawn onto the frames to illustrate the direction of flight of the objects and to illustrate the shape of the objects as I feel is suggested by looking closely at the shapes.

Remember that the picture is composed of many square 'pixels' and that this tends to 'square off' what I feel are the more rounded shapes of the UFOs.

I am not so sure that they are not 'spinning' or 'flapping their wings' as it were. Although they are clearly not birds! This to me is suggested not only by their motion in the video but also by my analysis of them going over the hedge. (see last picture here)

FRAME 000042







This picture tends to reinforce my idea that the objects are spinning in flight. I have re-examined the footage (in slow motion and digitally enhanced ) and am of the opinion that they are spinning clockwise. They also seem to be rocking slightly in what is otherwise a smooth and rapid forward flight. I went through hundreds of frames to isolate these ones. But most of the others also suggest the same shapes and movements to me. The video I was given was supposedly an analogue copy of the original.

Addendum 31/10/97

In William Bryant`s "Speed of bols" analysis (on Crop Circle writer Ilyes' Homepage ) he says:

"Furthermore, motion 'blurring' of the appropriate amount MAY, in fact, be present in the video imagery and MAY simply be misinterpreted as a non-spherical object shape. This effect may be observed in the Patrick Wilson analysis of object shape based on image enlargement."

I have replied to this as follows:

"I stand by my analysis. I have a colour desaturated version of the movie that I did , SLOWED DOWN to half speed. It is absolutely clear that the objects are spinning and are not wholly spherical. I am sorely tempted to make this available as a Quick Time Movie for download at my website. In virtually every frame I have looked at, the BOLS (as they are somewhat misappropriately called ) are pretty obviously a quite complex shape. As it so consistent an appearance I very much doubt this is an artefact of motion blurring . I wish Mr Bryant could see for himself. It is so far rather speculative to know exactly what shape they are, although I feel my ideas are a good approximation. regards Patrick"


Addendum 12/1/98

Having attended the recent "Media Show" in London, I had the opportunity to see the very latest in Computer 3D Graphic applications in action. The fore-runner applications in this field are the likes of Microsoft' SoftImage (Jurrasic Park2 etc.) and Lightwave (Titanic etc.). Used with skill and time these sort of programs are only now just beginning to produce animated effects which are virtually indistinguishable from live action. ie.seamless integration of computer generated graphics.

Considering this, I still feel however that the Oliver's Castle video is somewhat of an enigma, for allthough it has been suggested that it was constructed artificially in a Bristol Studio, I consider the film to have a 'seemlessness' which has only very recently become possible to render.

I remain impartial and hasten to add that I make no clear judgement as to the authenticity of the video. All I hope to achieve by my analysis is to draw attention to the intriguing nature and behaviour of the so-called 'Light Balls' which only becomes clear on close examination of the video. The politics of the matter and it's reflection on the larger Crop Circle Community per se is not a matter on which I can sensibly comment.


Addendum 1/2/99


The controversy continues...


Crop Circle officianado Colin Andrews (pictured left looking reverentially up at something...?) has recently announced that a Mr John Wabe has confessed to making the video at 'First Cut Studios' in Bristol, UK. He says there is a video taped confession where all is revealed as to how and why the video was produced. Can't wait to hear the details of how Wabe did it! However Mr Andrews is, so far, keeping rather mum on the juicy details. Yesterday, in my impatient enthusiasm, I 'phoned British Telecom to get "First Cut Studios" number. Unfortunately, it would seem that they must be an ex-directory outfit. (since BT have no record of them) Ah well... here are some links to the various announcements and statements flying about at the mo' .