The Scene:
Oliver's Castle, Wiltshire, UK, Sunday 11th August 5.15 am, 1996

'A 21 year old male student, during a crop circle vigil, is asleep in his tent overlooking the wheat fields of Oliver's Castle, when suddenly he is awoken by a humming sound.
He peers sleepily out of his tent flap and sees lights flying across the field below. He grabs his camcorder and shoots this extraordinary film of small UFOs, whilst in the space of a few seconds, a breathtaking pattern unfolds in the cornfield beneath them.'


This is the formation, dubbed 'The Snowflake' by researchers.


I digitised the video using a Miromotion capture board on a Macintosh 9500/200.
If the film was hoaxed it was an extremely good job.
I have examined the film frame by frame and reckon it would be very hard to draw moving objects onto the frames with such accuracy and with consistent lighting. Also, the objects motion path is integral to the scene despite the camera wobble etc.
See my further comments and up-to-date info on this next page:

Close examination of each frame yields some interesting images. The objects, far from being vague blobs of light, appear to be solid objects of a 'batwing' shape'and with a central spherical body. Moreover they are spinning in flight.

I have been very impressed by some of the recent UFO footage that is circulating (such as that shot in Mexico and now out on video.) Even given the latest technology (as used to create films like Toy Story and Independance Day ) Hollywood 'special effects' teams have yet to concoct anything as bizarre or realistic looking as the footage that is 'cropping up' from these sightings. One cannot help but wonder, if this is real .....

What the hell is out there ?

Since I posted this page I have had some reactions from people who are into Crop Circles and suchlike. It seems that this video is very controversial.

One enterprising fellow attempted to make a similar video on his own in three hours (to test the ease with which the video could be hoaxed). I have to say.. despite his applaudable effort, it immediately looked to me like a fake compared to this one.

Here is the Movie (440k)


Check out these...

Close-up's of the objects.

Here you can download the movie as a zip file.