In 1999 collaborated with Derek Austin to compose an album of symphonic music for Bruton Music (at Zomba Production Music). The music was recorded at Angel Studios, London on 5th & 6th July 1999..

The album provides full symphonic music for many uses, such as television drama, films and advertising. The album is now on release. It comprises 64 piece orchestra plus full choir. There are also some pieces for smaller ensembles, in order to provide end-users with a useful cross-section of orchestral musical styles.

David Snell, a fine composer and harpist in his own right, conducted the studio sessions.

Pictured below are Steve Cole, Martin Cooper and Jez Poole (from Bruton Music), in my studio.



Here is Derek playing some parts into midi sequencer 'Logic Audio'.
For demos, we used orchestral samples played from five Emulator 6400 synths.

The recording session schedules at Angel Studios are reproduced HERE for those who may be interested.

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