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The scenes are all created by a process known as 'Computer generated, 3D Modelling'. The main program used here is KPT Bryce 2 from Metatools Inc. Models of the objects and the scenes in which they are to be set are constructed in the computer 3D World. Initially the models appear as Wireframe images (as illustrated below)



1-Basic Wireframe model




Suitable 'material' qualities are then in effect, draped over the wireframe models . An example of this would be a texture resembling 'brick' for the Chapel, or 'grass' for the terrain.





2-In the process of rendering






3-Another angle








4-Previous angle rendering




5-The Chapel model (wireframe)







6- Another angle of the chapel





Finally, 'light' is shot at the model in the 'Virtual world' of the computer. This is a process known as Ray Tracing It is a very time consuming process even for powerful computers.

The picture of Glastonbury Enigma for example, took days to construct. The results,however, are often highly realistic as the computer program can generate light distortions, shadows and perspectives that occur in the real world.





7-Chapel with surfaces rendered




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