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Patrick Wilson - Composer

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The music that you should be hearing now is off this album

Patrick Wilson is a successful composer from the UK. He has recorded many soundtracks for TV, Film and Multimedia.His musical style ranges across Rock and Pop, through Classical, contemporary orchestral to World Music and eclectic club music styles, drawing on a wide range of influences and incorporating performances from jazz, pop and ethnic musicians. He has written specially composed music for a wide variety of applications (TV programmes, Commercials, Feature Films , Games and Live Presentations) and specialises in working closely to picture. He has a fully-equipped studio at his home in Sussex overlooking the sea. (See below). His music can also be found worldwide in Music Libraries such as Bruton Music, Chappell Music, EMI, Sonoton and Amphonic Music and is available on CD for use in commercial productions via such companies.

His music has featured in many Films and TV shows worldwide recently including :



Patrick Wilson Limited ~ Studio

Patrickĺ─˘s recording studio in Sussex is fully-equipped with professional audio and video editing equipment such as Digidesign's ProTools HD2 Accel (Hard Disk Recording and editing system) and Final Cut Pro (Video Editing). There is a wide variety of music software available including Logic Pro on a Macintosh G5 computer and the Vienna Symphony Library (Full Pro Edition+) for the most authentic orchestral reproductions possible today.

There is the facility to mix in 5.1 Surround, work to picture and produce master CD's or DVD's.

Additionally there is a huge Sound Effects Library, conveniently searchable via keywords on a database. A separate Live Room has drum kit, amplifiers etc. space for other instrumentalists, choir etc. and video link with the control room.
There are the highest quality microphones available for Voice-Overs or vocalists.
From the studio there are wide views across the English Channel to the Isle of Wight (on a clear day), air-conditioning and comfortable seating for clients.


Apple Mac G5 Dual 2.5 gig with 6.5 gigs RAM
5 x LaCie Big Disk Extreme Hard Drives. 6 x EzQuest Drives.
Logic Pro 7
ProTools 6.9 (HD2) with wide variety of TDM plug-ins including Altiverb Convolution Reverb for accurate acoustic simulation of spaces.
Prism AD124 AD converter
Digidesign 192 interface.
5.1 surround using Harbeth monitors + sub.(as used by BBC)
Video Editing: Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro. Quick Time Pro etc.
Large additional centrally-suspended flat screen for monitoring video cues.
Vienna Symphony orchestral sample library and many other software instruments.
Large Sound Effects Library comprising over 200 CD's (database searchable).
Avalon Compressors and mike pre-amps.
TLA Valve EQ
Many keyboards and synthesizers.
Microphones by Calrec (Soundfield), Soundelux U47, AKG414ĺ─˘s.
Facilities for recording choir, small ensembles etc in separate video-linked live performance area.
Marshall and Fender amps and Pearl ĺ─˛Master Seriesĺ─˘ drum kit. Large collection of ethnic instruments and percussion. Sony VX 2000 camera and GV DV-1000E desktop DV

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