In Memoriam

Modelled in KPT Bryce by P Wilson

It seems appropriate to dedicate this picture to Princess Diana as the figure seated in the foreground looks a bit like her.

This image was inspired by Maxfield Parrish's work and looks a lot better at higher resolution. For example the sky graduation suffers from the smaller file size.

The figure is in fact a model from Fractal Design, Poser which I 'clothed' and imported into Bryce 2 as a DXF and then assigned with material settings.

The trees are my own sillouette drawings done in Photoshop and then mapped onto transparent 2D vertical planes.

The leafy shadows on the columns and distant steps are again made by means of Photoshop drawings used as light gels over 6 seperate square spotlights.

The columns are fairly simple Boolean creations.

The steps lead to the fabled fields of Elysium, the abode of the blessed departed.

You might want to try and load this Java 'lake'Applet version of this image:

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