Captain H.B.Wilson DFC (1896-1981)


My father. He was a member of 100 Squadron at that time and some of these photos were taken by him.

You see that big bomb...well, just to the left on the ground is a much smaller balloon shell. Here it is sitting on my desk 84 years later!

Move the mouse cursor into the top image region to hear how my dad felt about climbing out onto the wing during a night flight, to kick off a bomb that wouldn't release. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC).

This sound clip was recorded in about 1970 when he bought my brother and I a Grundig TK20 tape recorder. He immediately disappeared into his study with an 'Orange Blossom' (cocktail popular in the Shanghai International Settlement, in the 1920's) and eventually emerged with a pad of paper on which he had hastily scrawled some of his memories.
He then banished my brother and I from the playroom and proceeded, with childish glee, to dictate his essay into this new machine. Little did he suspect that years later his words would re-echo across the world via the Internet.

Here is a picture of my father and mother and I taken in Hove in about 1962. I would have been aged about 7 and my dad 66.
He died on september 8 th 1981.

I have some more WW1 objects that belonged to him on this page.

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