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What's New?


Moved entire website to new server. (Intrius.com) Hopefully this transfer has not caused any links to corrupt.


Additions to Movies page. I have included a bunch of movies which I edited together from TV clips and added music. I did this to help me compose music suitable for various documentary themes.


Additions to The Family Archives of Patrick Wilson notably the Clarke and Cooke side of the family, and some more ammendments to the 'Wilsons' too.


Added 'Global Journeys' album and associated MP3's of tracks to the 'World / Fusion' section of 'My Music' pages.


I have updated the Wilson family tree to reflect some additional information that I have received from relatives in Canada. Sadly one of my oldest relatives Roy Wilson has passed away aged 101. The Family Archives of Patrick Wilson


I have completely rebuilt my recording studio, adding the facilities to record and mix music and sound effects in the 5.1 surround format for DVD and cinema. I have also added some Italian furniture, low voltage lights and various other cosmetic touches to provide a more pleasant working environment!


The site is still having a major revamp. I am adding many high quality, full-length MP3's of my music to replace the low quality 30 second .WAV files that I have had until now. I am also making the navigation better and adding a 'Movies' section. Bear with me on this..it will take a few days. The 'My Music' section is now almost totally different.


The Family Archives of Patrick Wilson - being a record of my family members past and present. On this new site you will find individual records of family members past and present, and printable Family Trees. This site is currently under construction.


Since I receive many queries about the WW1 activities of 100 Squadron R.A.F. I decided to put the entire book on-line that documents their WW1 history. Here it is: "The Annals of 100 Squadron"


Added detailed drawings of my fathers WW1 airmans goggles for the benefit of Texas airman, Robert Bridwell, who is going to construct a replica to use in his plane. He is building Nieuport 11 and Siemans-Schuckert D1 replicas.


I've added a page of 'Various WW1 related objects in my possession , and some found at the old aerodrome site nearXaffévillers, in France.'


Added a page of more photos of 100 Squadron from my fathers album.


Added some recent pictures of my kids to my photo gallery and made a number of changes to my WW1 Aviation pages.


Received sad news that Roy Shillinglaw, WW1 veteran aviator (interviewed on this site) has passed away. I have added a page of emails sent by people browsing my WW1 aviation site.


Here's a photo of the Sunset on the Summer Solstice from Wolstonbury Hill.

Added email news received from a relative of World War One aviator, Roy Shillinglaw, evidently now coming up to his centenary.

Whilst helping Tim Williams to build his website , we came up up with this computer realisation of his idea: Easy journey to other planes.

More news on the infamous 'Oliver's Castle' crop circle video. Chief Croppie Colin Andrews promises us that the video is really just a fake and he has the evidence!

At last...my illustrated interview with First World War veteran Roy Shillinglaw is taking shape!

Sometimes the simplest images are the most striking. Here are Mountains by Moonlight.

Redesigned the photo gallery using frames, and added a picture of my baby son Edward.

Here is the final artwork idea for The London DJ Federation Drum' n' Bass album

Added the first transcript of my taped interview with World War One veteren flyer, Roy Shillinglaw.

Updated my Curriculum Vitae list of credits with some more films and TV shows.

Added a new 'Latest Image called 'Iceland'. (I may have to ease up on doing pictures this year, as I am really snowed under with musical work).

Added more films and TV shows to my credits page plus additional comments to Crop Circle UFO pages.


You can hear the reputed sound recording of an UFO on this page.


Somewhere in the WW1 Aviation pages. there is now a photo (demonstrating the abilities of the Fuji DX7 digital camera) of the 'Distinguished Flying Cross' awarded to my father.


New 'Latest Image' - The Old Oak


More to the WW1 Aviation pages. More pictures including 2 of the aerodrome at Ochey (in the Vosges region of France) then and now. Also more of my father , Roy Shillinglaw and their exploits.


Added QuickTime VR Panorama of WW1 aerodrome site at Xaffervilliers, France as seen today and also a letter from Roy Shillinglaw to me. He was an Observer with 100 Squadron in 1918. These are linked to from my WW1 Aviation page


Addendum to my analysis of the Oliver's Castle crop circle video. (See 'Crop Cirle UFOs' - 'Startling Images Appear ' link)


Started a rather humble Gallery of Photos which I have taken over the years.


Added new musical credits and other bits to my 'Curriculum Vitae' page.


I finally gave in and got rid of all the frame borders.


Capt. H.B.Wilson (1896-1981) speaks !


Added background sound effects to many of the images.
If you see this * it means the linked page has sound.
Each sound effect has been specially made to suit the mood of the image. I spent all last night and this morning doing these!



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